Board of Advisors

Ryder Colone

Thank you to the daughter, encourager, legal assistant, friend, dream builder and prayer warrior that has stood beside me through this journey. I can honestly say that I have spent time in the presence of one of God’s angels. 

Jen Foster

What an amazing opportunity to have Jen share the teachings of Christ throughout the world. I have been humbled to witness her heart for missions touch so many lives and honored to have her support and blessing. 

Robert Hollingsworth

Heartfelt thanks to Robert for his continued guidance and his ability to problem solve the graphics and designing of these dolls. His gift of creating visions to paper is nothing short of a miracle. I am truly grateful for this patience and appreciative to have him on this team. 

Cornelius Muller

Many thanks to my friend, Cornelius, who has walked and encouraged me along the way. Watching him create and produce his films through the years has been inspiring and truly amazing. I am blessed to play a very small part in what God has planned for this disciple. 

Cooper Smith 

Words cannot express how blessed I am to add Cooper to our list of advisors. Even more than his expertise in investments, financial planning and money management that he can contribute, he’s a team builder, task driver, warrior and beloved son. 

Jim Smith

With every dream there is always that go to person who can be counted on to make everything work. The body of a company needs someone to make sure all the parts work and Jim has unselfishly given his time and expertise to do just that. I am grateful to have him and have his unwavering support and knowledge to lean on.