Miracles do come true - by mountains of faith, perseverance, hope and surrounded by God’s word promising to never leave or forsake this dream. All we have to do is have a heart for Christ, serve others and believe.

The journey has been filled with highs and lows as I grabbed what I thought was the impossible, held on and learned from every roadblock and celebration along the way. Bible Buddies was born in the Fall of 2004 after seeing the “The Passion of the Christ” at a local theater. This was a movie that changed my life forever! Gifted with a vision of a doll or dolls that could share and tell the story of Christ to children. A vision that could comfort and bring His love and word to children around the world. I offer heartfelt thanks to those who encouraged, picked me up, wiped the disappointment and tears after many trials to create these dolls, namely, my husband Jim, daughter Ryder, graphic creators - Ted, Robert and Troy, friends – Ida, Robin, Ginger, Brad, Kay, Cornelius, Chase and Darrian, attorney and advisor Art, and most of all, my Savior Jesus Christ. I grew through all of you in some way and I am forever humbled. The rest I leave to all of you to carry and share with the hope that this miracle, prayerfully, can touch the lives of many and share God’s love and promises.

With the help of our board of advisors...

Meet Our Board of Advisors

"... a heartfelt thank you to my
friend, Ted, who opened the door
and helped me put my vision on
paper graphically. You are what I
think of as a true disciple. I love
your Family and am forever grateful
for your help and encouragement"